The Mills Brothers In Concert is a complete production that can be packaged with a variety of artists and concert venues. Capacity crowds enjoy them at domestic and international jazz festivals, symphony halls, performing arts centers, state fairs, world wide cruises, casinos, night clubs, and on broadway. The artists are also available for commercial and motion picture sound tracks.
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PUTTING ON HEIRS! is a dynamic new musical review that presents stellar legacy performers with international brand-name recognition. This review, an exciting blend of talented performers with iconic staus, provides marquee value that generates enhanced marketing opportunities for your venue.

PUTTING ON HEIRS! presents the performing progeny of musical icons who made the American Songbook the dominant music of our era!

Our current iteration includes:
☛ Mel Carter, Special Guest, renowned vocalist discovered by Quincy Jones and Sam Cooke
☛ John Mills, spotlighting his lineage with the illustrious Mills Brothers
☛ Gina Eckstine, talented songstress and daughter of Billy Eckstine
☛ Elmer Hopper, protege of Paul Robi and former lead singer of The Platters

PUTTING ON HEIRS! uniquely presents the spirit of America's greatest musical artists and their familial connection to the performing stars -- a perfect show for performing art centers, premier jazz festivals and concert venues throughout the world. PUTTING ON HEIRS! is a grand musical excursion that carries audiences through to the sophisticated sounds of today.

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Putting on Heirs
The Mills Brothers